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First I like to introduce myself:       

At the moment I am in the process of setting up a separate Canada website but this will take some time. This gives me more options to further expand my America website. My new Canada website is called

My name is Monique and was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Although I like to travel all over the  world, I like the USA the most. I have visited many countries in Europe and I must say that the cities I have visited are a must, especially if you like culture and history. Sometimes I miss the history and culture in the USA, but it is still a very nice country to visit. For outdoor activities, relaxing, shopping and the nature the USA is the best place to be.

The first time I travelled to the USA, I was extremly enthusiastic, the people were very nice and the landscape was breathtaking. Also you receive a good quality for what you pay. Because of the diversity of the landscape and culture we decided to explore more of the USA.  From that day I feel an enormous nostalgia and I have to go back at least once a year. That is why we visit almost the whole USA for 40 years except for a few States. I have visit 40 of the 50 States. So I decided to share my experience and joy, with all the people who are also interested in traveling.


In addition to my regular job, I studied travel and I have received a number of official diplomas such as SEPR 1 and SEPR 3. Also, I have competed my study nature and environment and I also want to focus on more sustainable tourisme. I am an official specialized travel adviser even I am not working for a travel agent.

What I want to achieve with my site:

What I want to achieve is that everyone that feels that he or she is not well informed by its own travel agent, can ask frequent questions related to travelling to the USA and Canada. I will give you free advise just because I gladly want to share my experience and all the joy we have through all these years. Over the years I have composed routes through the USA for my friends, colleagues and other people, who for the first time in their life went on a holiday to the USA. So please be free to ask and I will composed a nice route for you.


Despite the USA is a fantastic holiday destination, the USA is also unfortunately known for its ghettos and dangerous neighborhoods. Alas, you will never find this information in the travel guides. In fact, it often strikes me that the tour operators are offering cheap hotels in dangerous neighborhoods. If you prepare your holiday well, you will see that your experiences are only positive. I will therefore indicate which areas to avoid on my website . But don't let this scare you to visit the USA because anywhere in the world there are good and bad neighborhoods.

All photograph on my website are made by myself, a second hobby of me.

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